The payment modell that works for YOU.

How does it work?

Simple and with full transperancy 

Each month, 85% of your revenue is placed in your account. You decide how much of that you want to take out as a salary, and how much you want saved for your pension and your buffer account.

What is saved belongs to you – it can never go to other consultants or back to the company. Full transperancy means that you see all deals we sign for you. Your income is built on competence and time you work, not discretion or bargaining. 

At Itancan, we do not deal in vague terms of salary discussions, cuts or qualifying for contributions. While others keep a large part of your revenue for themselves to potentially portion it out to you if they have to, we do the opposite and give you your share straight away.

Safe and Secure

You will quickly build a buffert that will act as a security for you. With Itancan, you will much likely take out a larger monthly salary than today, and every fourth month have saved away an equally large amount of money again.

It is as simple as it is logical – when we, as your employers, give you such a big percentage of the revenue, your income over time becomes much higher. And since you are in control of your savings, there is no limit to how many extra monthly salaries you can keep deposited. Now that’s real safety.

When others offer a ”guaranteed salary” for three months, that money comes from the revenue you’ve made for the company! The problem is that you’ll never get more than three months compensation. If you’ve contributed to more revenue than that, the surplus goes to the employer. That’s not how we do it.

Freedom and Flexibility

During some periods, several of our consultants work less than full time. With our generous terms being so good, it gives you more opportunity to leisure and free time as long as your client is okay with it. 

If you need to work overtime we won´t stop you, nor will we take any percentages of your hard labour. 100% of the revenue is yours during the hours you work overtime. That’s a given with us.

We have no opinion on how many holidays you take, or when your take them – that’s for you to decide in consulting with your client. Once again – your large cut of the share gives you freedom to take a proper holiday.

Sharp consultants are a high commodity on the market – this gives you freedom to choose between many different projects and clients. The right project builds competence, and competence in turn makes you sharper as a consultant – and thus, the circle is complete.

Giving credit where credit is due

You shouldn’t just have the best possible compensation. We also want to encourage you to help your friends and previous colleagues into the light. This, we do with the help of our bonus- system.

Pick up the phone and make that call, mediate the contact. Once your new colleague is hired, your revenue will have increased another 2,5% as long as you’re both working with Itancan.

For every new colleague you do this favour, we will add an additional 2,5% to your cut. Soon you’ll be up to 90% or more. And your new colleagues will thank you for giving them the same oppourtunity.

Combining 85/15 and our bonus- system makes it redundant to start your own company. You focus on your core competence and we will handle the rest. We look forward to welcoming you into our team!

If you have any questions about our payment modell or Itancan in general, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat!!

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